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Warning: this blog will give you a laugh-attack.
Tangina. =))

Tangina. =))

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Love and the small things in it.

I’m making this post because I know that I usually just post about the bad things happen.

It’s probably because I cherish the good things too much realistically, that I don’t bother posting about ‘em and just focus on the negative things that happen (that, sometimes, nobody listens to because they’re all busy or I just don’t feel like sharing).

But this post is a dedication to my happy life. It’s probably shorter than the negative ones (ironically), but still. HAHAHA.



Yesterday, 2 of my best friends met my girlfriend. I love my girlfriend so much, and I’m awfully happy that they approve of our relationship.

Also, I tried to cook for the second time yesterday. It was my second time to cook, and the first time I cooked for someone… which was my girlfriend. Frankly it wasn’t a big deal, I mean geez all I did was fry the thing and cook the rice. But it felt like I was a 5-star chef knowing that she liked my cooking. HAHAHA.

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“No Seconds” - a series by Henry Hargreaves that recreates the last meals that were served to inmates on death row (Source: Dripbook)

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